Your Officiants

Our principal Celebrant, Giuseppe Rossi is Italian and attended his spiritual and religious training at the Vatican from the age of 10. He is fluent in English as he lived for 20 years in London, where he successfully ran a Company. He is able to perform spiritual blessing ceremonies and co-celebrate with a Priest in Church Weddings. Aided by his thorough knowledge of the Bible and various other theological teachings, Giuseppe is competent to advise couples who might wish an inter-faith ceremony. His personal warmth, open minded mentality and excellent organisational skills make him the perfect choice for those couples who wish for reassurance and reliability in the figure of a Celebrant.

Our Celebrant, Diane, Member of International Civil Celebrants, is an English Literature graduate, with experience in Film and Arts performance, who has lived in Italy for many years. She has always been involved in spiritual matters and her seeking has involved an immense interest in Eastern Religions. Well known for her keen sense of humour and linguistic flair she will individualise your blessing by writing a script especially for you. She also complements the ceremony with expert recitation of some of the most beautiful poetry and moving readings of the English language.

Together we are a leading spiritual, interfaith, multi-faith and non-denominational wedding officiant couple who are known for their warm, loving and creative approach to blessing couples from all backgrounds, races, nations and religions and for guiding them on their journey to the altar. We both regularly attend appropriate training programs and courses to make sure that we are kept up to date with current practices.

In order for your wedding day to be a truly memorable occasion the ceremony itself is of vital importance. If the ceremony is meaningless or poorly executed the celebration afterwards will be just another party… If you place importance on being married in a meaningful way then it is crucial to think about the content and structure with due care and attention. Many couples are incredibly busy organizing the rest of the preparations for their wedding day and simply don’t have time to spend on composing a ceremony or even know where to start. We hope we can take the stress out of the experience so that you are free to look forward to your ceremony than dread it! We are happy to construct your ceremony in close dialogue with you, making sure that your beliefs are respected.

We pride ourselves on composing and delivering thoughtful and tasteful ceremonies. We feel that a ceremony should be performed with elegance and style. If our ethos sounds attractive then we could be the perfect celebrants for you. If however,  you are only having a ceremony to please others then you can always invite a friend or family member to perform it for you…. at least it’s free!

We aim to offer a personalized service constructed in close dialogue with our clients which reflects the personalities and wishes of the happy couple. We compose a history of your lives together to entertain and inform your guests, including information concerning how and when you first met and your journey as a couple that has led you to celebrate your special day in front of family and friends.

The Blessing we perform can be either religious-spiritual or of a non-religious nature. Whichever you decide you are free to choose as many or as few readings and poems from a wide choice or make suggestions of your own. We also provide you with a selection of appropriate vows or you may wish to compose your own to make your special day truly unique.

For previously married couples we propose a ceremony of re-dedication of their marriage and family and we believe that each ceremony is sacred regardless of where it takes place. We also encourage couples to include personal traditions but not to feel imprisoned within religious or cultural protocol. They need to enjoy the moment and experience the magic … a celebration of the spirit of their relationship.

The most rewarding satisfaction for us is to be able to share the couple’s happiness on their special day.

Each ceremony is unique.

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