Milestone Celebrations

                            Wedding Memories, Renewals and Anniversaries

Milestone Celebrations


Renewal of Vows and Recommitment ceremonies are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and reflect upon the years spent together thus far, as well as looking forward to memories yet to be created.
Some couples prefer these to be celebrated privately, whilst many loving children and grandchildren have asked us to prepare surprise bespoke Wedding Anniversary Ceremonies.  What a thoughtful and poignant way to include the whole family!

We have scripted original ceremonies for couples celebrating their first year, decade, twenty-five and fifty years together and they are such a joy to write.



                                Birthday and Numerical Milestone Ceremonies


Milestone Celebrations


Every birthday is a landmark in an individual’s life but can be rendered even more special by sharing a significant birthday with those important to you. Particularly popular are milestones which mark the onset of a new cycle of growth.

Personalized Ceremonies we have created have welcomed a new teenager’s thirteenth year, sweet sixteen and of course coming of age dates that mark that all important eighteenth or ‘key to the door’ twenty-one.

Decades marking the life affirming forty, fifty and those more mature years are occasions to celebrate with reverence and style.

In fact one has much to learn by listening to those who were born before us, for they are privileged to have the gift of wisdom and experience. Those proud to prove that age is to be admired have allowed us to pay tribute to their fortitude and to honour their contribution towards shaping the lives of others.

Through the act of ceremony and symbolic ritual the young benefit from the opportunity to publicly display love and appreciation towards their elders, who in turn welcome those newly arrived.. and thus the cycle of gratitude continues!



                                  Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word


Milestone Celebrations

Life was never going to be easy… there are moments for us all that are painful and hard to deal with. Perhaps you seek closure and wish to let go of a particularly painful chapter in your life, such as a Divorce or the passing of a loved one… or maybe you would even like to apologize to someone in a private and intimate ceremony in the hope that you will be forgiven.

There are many ways to heal the hurt and a ceremony which conveys the sentiments and words you hold deep in your heart may also help to heal others who suffer too.

We are sympathetic to those who face emotional challenge. The sum of our collective experience and preparation enables us to approach sensitive situations with diplomacy and professionalism. We promise to listen to your wishes without judgement and to create a ceremony which communicates the heart of the matter… in a way that speaks to you.

As dedicated wordsmiths and authors of unique material we can assure you that your ceremony will be one of a kind. For more information on how you can celebrate an important milestone please do contact us directly. Your enquiry will be dealt with sensitively and in the strictest confidence.

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