Celebrating The Miracle of Life and It’s Many Seasons


Original text and voice by Diane Rossi  – Copyright © Blessings from Italy


The world is not a perfect place but we should feel most thankful for the chance we have been given to occupy a small space… which is uniquely ours!

Celebratory events are incredibly important… for they are joyous opportunities for expressing and sharing love but can also offer great healing and sense of connectedness. For in spite of ‘social networking’, many experience a sense of alienation and disconnection.

Young people are particularly vulnerable. Embarking upon their own voyage of self discovery they are often in great need of guidance and reassurance. A well considered and delivered ceremony can contribute a great deal towards inner peace and self worth.

Similarly, those navigating ‘middle life’ or approaching ‘twighlight’ years certainly welcome acknowledgment of their value. In a society which is seemingly youth obsessed, a timely reminder of one’s achievements can be comforting and greatly empowering.

A life is a complex journey and well crafted ceremonies contribute tangibly to an individual and collective sense of gratitude for those experiences which have made us the people we are now and are yet to be in the future.

A truly professional Celebrant is not a protagonist and should be in possession of humility, love for life and an unassuming confidence.

We ensure that YOU will be the centre of your celebration.

Blessings from Diane and Giuseppe

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