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Before you decide to hire our services consider whether we are the right Celebrants for YOU..


For us Celebrancy is an important role and is more of a passion than an activity of work. Every blessing is a precious memory and it is important to us that couples are happy.

In order for your wedding day to be a truly memorable occasion the ceremony itself is of vital importance. If the ceremony is meaningless or poorly executed the celebration afterwards will be just another party… If you place importance on being married in a meaningful way then it is crucial to think about the content and structure with due care and attention.

We pride ourselves on composing and delivering thoughtful and tasteful ceremonies. We feel that a ceremony should be performed with elegance and style. If our ethos sounds attractive then we could be the perfect celebrants for you.

If however,  you are only having a ceremony to please others then you can always invite a friend or family member to perform it for you…. at least it’s free!

There are an increasing number of individuals, in Italy especially, who are prepared to offer a service based on little experience and no training and often with questionable diction and attention to professional detail. As in any market it pays to research your Celebrant thoroughly before making a decision. We are talking about one of the most important and memorable days of your lives and so it is crucial to ask pertinent questions, check reviews and if need be ask the Celebrant for email contacts of past clients to gain an independent valuation of their service.

Blessings From Italy is a Registered Company and not a speculative or recruitment agency..  We would never trust inexperienced and untrained individuals with your wedding ceremony… When you choose us.. it’s US!

We are not in the business of delegating third parties, who have little experience and no training.

The guarantee we offer you is our professionalism and vast experience based on relevant training. We have officiated many types of ceremonies both of a religious and spiritual/romantic nature.

There is a huge difference between a celebrant who has 10 years theological training, 12 years experience officiating over three thousands weddings and someone who buys a qualification on line.

Celebrancy for us is a vocation and not one to be taken lightly. Although a ceremony may not have religious validity or be legally binding, the responsibility to maintain a certain level of dignity and diplomacy is fundamental. Civil ceremonies are also possible and can be held in combination with a blessing ceremony in agreement with the ‘comune’ (Town Hall) in question.

We specialise in inter-faith ceremonies and know far too well that a deep understanding and sensitivity is required in order to avoid upsetting couples and their families. Feedback has been enormously positive and we have been told that the day couples were dreading due to a difference of faith, culture and tradition actually resulted in a more beautiful and profound experience.

We are a husband and wife team with vast business experience. We have raised three children and therefore have plentiful experience concerning family matters and personal relationships, which enable us to empathise with others.
We began performing as Celebrants in 2004 and have since created and conducted hundreds of ceremonies throughout Italy and elsewhere in Europe.

We have worked hard to earn our reputation as professional and dedicated Officiants with a unique but much imitated style.

Giuseppe Rossi attended theological training at the Vatican and is also a certified member of the Association of Independent Celebrants.

Diane Rossi is an English Literature Graduate, with past experience in teaching and film and is a trained and certified member of the AOIC. She is also listed as an International Celebrant.

Together, we work as an Anglo/Italian team, scripting original ceremonies that capture the essence of a couple’s unique relationship. We have the humility to realise that we can always improve our service.

We therefore constantly research established traditions and adapt and create innovative ideas to distinguish ourselves within the world of Celebrancy.

If you desire due time and attention dedicated to your needs and a ceremony which accurately reflects you as a COUPLE then we may be the right Celebrants for you!


©2018 Blessings From Italy ®

Alison and Graeme Hargreaves

Alison and Graeme – Castello di Vincigliata, 20th June 2013

I have never written a single review on anything in the past, so that says it all about our experience with Blessings from Italy.

When we initially decided to get married in Italy we were reluctant to having a symbolic ceremony as we wanted it to be as genuine and traditional as having a church wedding.

Although the Italian regulations did not permit us to getting married in a church as neither myself nor my Husband is Catholic. Secondly we had many anxieties about planning our wedding in Tuscany from Australia, especially when you hear stories of bad experiences with many untrained and inexperienced people who are well known to pose as Celebrants and wedding planners.

I can whole heartedly say that the minute we first met Giuseppe on a Skype conversation every single anxiety we had soon faded away. Giuseppe was very professional and always responded to any emails within a day, we had many many Skype conversations in the year leading up to our wedding and also telephone conversations before hand. We never once felt rushed or that we were were being fussy, where I’m sure others would have fallen short in being so patient with us.

As we chose, we felt we had a great amount of involvement in the planning stages of our ceremony and managed to have every detail as we wished. Giuseppe was very easy to speak to and quickly got a feel for what we wanted in a wedding. He did not once make us feel we were just another couple getting married, no matter how many other weddings he had conducted. We always came away from Skype conversations with a rush of excitement, where we didn’t always have this with other parts of the wedding planning stages, as you can imagine it can be a demanding time.

Both Giuseppe and Diane are highly trained where not all celebrants are in the competitive wedding field in Italy, which we found out through doing our research. This really showed throughout our experience with Giuseppe and Diane.

Not only has Giuseppe gained training and qualifications at the Vatican, Diane has also been Internationally recognised as a Celebrant. We honestly felt that after all this training and in all the time they spent just on our wedding alone, that the price we paid for their service was minimal and much cheaper than we expected…. although we would never have told Giuseppe this 😉

Our wedding Ceremony was absolutely perfect, Giuseppe even supported us in writing our own vows to one another (even by emailing me and my Husband seperately so we were able to surprise one another on the day) and in the music choices we made. It was everything we wanted from the traditions of lighting a unity candle to our family members readings to our modern fun dance when exiting the ceremony.

So many of our guests commented how it was the best and most touching and emotional ceremony they had ever been to and that Giuseppe really made it personal to us with experiences we had shared. He even added a little humour and fun which is what we wanted. He was very open to new ideas and being creative in the ceremony we wanted.

We wouldn’t have changed one single part of our ceremony and Giuseppe did us both very proud from start to finish. He really reflected us as a couple, what more could we want than that?

It strongly comes across that he genuinely cared about us and the couples he works with. We honestly can’t believe how lucky we were in having Giuseppe as our celebrant, we were truly astonished by his commitment to us as well, as all the other couples he helps not only in Italy but other parts of Europe as well.

The whole wedding planning takes much time and organizing but the Ceremony is what it is all about, and the moment that you say those vows. This is why it is so important to have someone who would provide the best ceremony for you.

I would recommend Giuseppe and Diane to all of my friends and anyone planning to get married in Italy. We are one very happy couple 🙂

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